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Exciting News!!!

The Outside Lane is excited to announce the grand opening of The Outside Lane Personal Shopping Network

I am open for business as your Personal Stylist, Career Clothing Counselor, and Perfect Present Picker.  Save time and tears, and let me help you get dressed for a special event, for daily life, or just pick out a present for your Great-Aunt Thelma-who-has-everything.

Click the link to my Personal Shopping Network and let’s get shopping!  I’ll provide you with options based on your details, then you pick and I click–I’ll have it shipped to your door.  You can be the belle of every ball, the best in every boardroom, and everyone’s favorite gift giver–they never have to know you were actually me.

1 thought on “Exciting News!!!”

  1. What a great idea!!

    Let’s make a promise…if….G-d willing…some day…..one day….I need help finding a wedding dress…you are my gal!!


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