Books Make me Bounce

It is no secret that I loved college.  I loveloveloved college.  I was like a kid in a candy store with a course catalog.  All this learning?  Available?  For me?!  No kidding?!  I can take Russian?  And Ancient Greek?  You mean I can just sit around and read books, then write what I think about those books and you’ll give me a degree?!  For real?!  You will give me course credit for scuba diving?  And tap dancing?  And for taking a class called Psychopathology in Literature which amounted to going into one of my favorite professor’s office for 3 hours a week to talk about how effed up Nathaniel Hawthorne was?  How is this not glorious? 

There was nothing not glorious about college to me.  Even when I was failing Honors Biology for the second time (it helps to go to your labs, kids.  turns out they aren’t kidding about that.) and eeking my way through College Algebra, I was loving every second of it.  Part of that love came by way of the Blimpie sandwich shop on campus.  When Pizza Hut moved in…woohoo!  Subs AND pizza?  And I never even had to leave campus?!

I was a happy college camper, as evidenced by the fact that it took me 5 years to complete my degree plan.  I’d have stayed another couple of years, just for fun.

I’m not saying it wasn’t hard work.  College Algebra nearly killed me.  My upper level Classics classes were incredibly difficult (and I had the best professor of my life for those.), and I cried my way through the last of my Lit classes.  Still, the idea that I could go somewhere and LEARN as much as I wanted to?  And be with other people who were also trying to learn something?  And have conversations with those people about the things we were learning?  You’ve seen a Boxer dog get excited (if you haven’t, click here)?  Well, that was pretty much me on the inside–every day.  I did try to play it cool, but…well…WHEEBOUNCE!

I’m pretty excited to be taking a class that starts in February.  It’s a Spanish class geared for the workforce, so nothing exciting (and of all the languages I’ve studied, Spanish is my least favorite so I feel a little sad that it isn’t one I like more) but…wheebounce!  College!  Whee!

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