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Send Me Your Stuff for the Holiday Guide!

Welcome to November.  I’m not sure how we got back around here so quickly, but…here we are!

As I have done the last couple of years, I will be sharing holiday shopping/gift giving information, links and tips.  If you have a business/blog/book/crafty idea, or know someone who has a business/blog/book/crafty business they would like to promote, please email me at  Include the following information, and I’ll get back to you with a calendar date.

  • Your Name:
  • Your business/blog/book/idea Name:
  • A description of the business/blog/book/idea that says why you love doing it, and to whom you think it will appeal (ex.  I love making dried apple-head dolls.  These dolls marry the qualities of upcycling and craftsmanship into one adorably functional form.  I started making dried apple-head dolls in homage to my next door neighbor, who so closely resembled one.  Dried apple dolls make a great gift for everyone, but especially for hipsters, readers of, and hungry squirrels.):
  • And at least 2 photos that correspond:

This year, I am also putting out a call for Guest Bloggers to write about holidays/holiday traditions/holiday horror stories.  Got a tale to tell?  Send it to me!

Get your goodies in to me by November 15!


Happy. That about covers it.

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