My Kid

This is one of those days when I am missing my boy, and would love more than anything to just go get him out of school and head for the zoo.  I adore that child.  I talk a lot about how smart and good I think he is.  I’d just like to add that he is generous, conscientious, and cares for people.

We were trick-or-treating last night, and his new friend tripped and dropped her bucket of candy.  Before I could suggest that he might want to help, he was down on all fours saying to her, “I’ve got this.  I’ll take care of this for you.  Are you all right?”  And, when she thanked him, he said, “Anything for a friend.  Any time.”  He gave her back her bucket, checked her out to be sure she hadn’t hurt herself, then took off running for the next house.

A bunch of studies say that your personality is pretty much set by the time you are finished with your early elementary years.  Other studies say that while your personality foundation is laid, your youness evolves continually.  I’d be likelier to believe the latter.  Either way, this kid…  Y’all.  Yes, there are the parenting moments when I just want to give him a great big swirlie, and yes, mornings before school are like I’m forcing him on a death march, but everything in between is the greatest pleasure imaginable, and I would keep his company over anyone else’s in the world (except his father, who tells better jokes.)

I love, love, love who he is as a person.  I love the sweet, snuggly baby he was, the funny, friendly toddler he grew into, and the bright, engaged, happy boy he has become.  We were riding on the train the other day, and he was on my lap.  He turned around and hugged me, and I sat there with my face in his hair for a long time.  I thought that there could be no one in creation who suited me as exactly as that little guy.  No one in creation whose being so perfectly delights me. 

I am extremely fortunate and grateful for his health and his happiness.


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