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Chef Lane: Sunday Morning Floor Picnic Sandwich

I loaded these pictures from my phone, so this will be a Backwards Recipe Post

This is a real winner because Thor asked for two of these breakfast sandwiches, and it took under 15 minutes to make.  Pre-heating your oven to cook the biscuits is what takes the longest.  It is also a winner because you can pre-make the egg patties and refrigerate or freeze them, then warm them up when you’re ready to eat.

Thor, enjoying his Sunday Morning Picnic breakfast sandwich. The second one.
The finished breakfast sandwich. This one has just a tiny amount of bacon on it because I miscalculated how much of the bacon I could eat before making the sandwiches. Oops! Mmm, bacon.
This is what your little egg patties will look like when they come out of the microwave.
Fill your microwavable egg poaching dish about 1/4 way full with your Egg Beaters, or whatever liquid egg you prefer. Top with a pinch of the cheese of your choice. We like sharp cheddar.  You could crumble your COOKED bacon (sausage/tofurkey/whatever) into this mix and have your meat cooked into your egg patty for convenience.  Thor doesn’t like his food mixed, so I didn’t do that here.
Want an easy breakfast sandwich? Here’s one! You will need liquid eggs, cheese, bacon (or sausage, or tofurkey, or whatever), canned biscuits, and a microwavable egg poaching dish, or some small, circle shaped thing you can throw in the microwave.  Get your bacon and biscuits cooking, then–er, scroll back up to see what to do?

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