Motivating the Mules

In which I expose just exactly how jaded I am.

Politics is like this:  Money backs 20-or-so guys who are all very similar, with ideas that will represent what is best for Money, allowing a handful of those guys to represent the interests of No-Money for face value.  Then, as the 20 guys are narrowed down to a couple on each side, Big Money starts backing the ones who best represent Big Money.  When the final 2 are in, Big Big Money throws in, and buys their guy’s way to the finish line.  At that point, it’s just like an office football pool.

Money, Big Money, and especially Big Big Money don’t get involved in ventures where they stand to lose.  That’s bad business.  Good business is investing in a sure thing, or investing in something that, while not a sure thing, is sure to pay off a return.  Money doesn’t become monied by throwing dollars away on wishes.  So, if you are Money, Big Money, and Big Big Money, the ideal thing is to have 2 guys who have different ideas (because you have to keep up the Two Party charade) that lead to the same conclusion. 

You can leave North Carolina and get to Kansas by traveling West, same as you can leave California and get to Kansas by traveling East.  It’s not where you start, or which direction you head in, but where you end up that matters.

Politics and government are not about taking care of the interests of the people of a nation any more than employers or businesses are about taking care of the interests of the people who work for them.  Politics and government, and employers and business are about taking care of the bottom line, about revenue, capital returns, and growth, and the people who live in the nation, and the people who work for the companies are only as important individually as they serve the bottom line.

It is important to vote because the vote tells Money which issues will motivate the mules, and the mules get a few more carrots that will keep them marching forward.

You can’t trust the government to take care of you.  You can’t buy into the lie that the government has any care for you.  The government exists to keep the nation profitable, so that it is defensable.

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