2nd Grade

I dropped Thor off in 2nd Grade this morning.  You know, Kindergarten wasn’t that bad.  1st Grade, also not bad.  My nerves about those two drop offs had more to do with nerves about getting the kid to the right place, at the right time.  2nd Grade drop off?  Ouch.  It was almost like leaving him in daycare for the first time for how much I wanted to throw him over my shoulder and run out of the building screaming, “No!  You cannot have him!”

And, funnily enough, this is the first time I’ve really liked his teacher on first sight.

His classroom was warm and welcoming.  It was well laid out, organized, and full of things I wanted to stay and peruse myself.  But 2nd Grade seems so…final.  He is really on the road out of childhood now, and if I could give the boy anything, I would give him a few more years of being the age he is right now.  I would give me a few more years with him at this age because right now he is so delectable and perfect, and he still adores B and me, and he still wants to spend time with us, and loves being near (preferably on top of) us, and I know that 2nd Grade is a harbinger of doom for all those things.  Soon enough he’ll be a smelly teenager.

I say that, but I know I’ll love Smelly Teenaged Thor just as much as I adore this Sweet 2nd Grade one.  I’ll just have to be more creative in how I show him that love, since I doubt the teenager will submit to as many cuddles.

2 thoughts on “2nd Grade”

  1. Oh man, I’m feeling the drop off angst more than ever today too. Our kids are bombarded with pressure to look and act cool…which includes snubbing parents. But rest assured…you and I have been gifted with boys who will stand strong and not be ashamed to love us. We have their back, and they know it. My son is going into 6th grade this year, and I am still enjoying those modified cuddles, hand holds, and hugs that get more precious with age. 🙂

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