I am feeling pretty good and confident about the start of school tomorrow.  At least, I am feeling good and confident about lunches and clothes.  I have Thor organized so that our morning routine should be doable, and if not enjoyable (anyone with a child will tell you that mornings are…difficult), at least not fraught with last minute worries over what to throw into his lunchbox.

Yesterday and today, I pre-made several meals.  I baked a lasagna, made meatballs and slider patties, and sorted snacks so I can grab and go.  Granted, the main meals will need a visit to Mr. Microwave before they go into the lunchbox, but outside of that, all I need to do is pick something out of the pantry and throw it in the box.

Snacks are ready to go. One pudding, one fruit, and one freebie for mid-morning. I bought the huge box of Cheez-its and sort it down into a bunch of 1/2 cup sized baggies.


Here we have 6 servings of lasagna, 6 servings of lasagna, 2 cups of chicken soup, 24 meatballs sorted into 6 packs of 4 each, and 12 sliders sorted into 6 packs of 2 each.

I’m going to make some shaped rice balls later tonight, and get those ready to grab and go as well.  I think my life will be much easier.  I also have my lunches pre-made, with larger servings of lasagna and chicken soup.  I should be set for a couple of weeks.

This year, Thor is old enough to choose his own clothes every day, so that is going to be his new job.  He is probably old enough to pack his own lunch, but I’m going to let him get used to the new morning routine before I throw that at him.  I am separating and organizing his closet Garanimal style, to make it easy for him to get dressed.  Everything is in the laundry right now, so I have that to look forward to before bedtime.

Second Grade.  Wow.

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