Chef Lane

Icing on the Cake

You all know that I adore Julie Anne Rhodes, and give her a lot of the credit for my new kitchen confidence.  You might not know that I write for her blog now and then.

This week, I wrote about the work that went into creating Thor’s 7th birthday cake.  All the practice cakes, the fondant messes, and the little lessons I learned in my quest for something that looked better than the cake I made for his 1st birthday.

The cake Julie Anne made for her daughter’s 4th birthday.

I also made a couple of silly videos to show how to roll fondant icing (because it took me a LOT of trial and error), and cover a cake with fondant icing (see previous parenthetical.)  Those are found here:

and here:

If I can do this, YOU can do this. 

Meanwhile, check out Julie Anne’s website, and seriously consider membership.  I have gotten a lot of miles out of my mine!

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