Hi-ho, Hi-ho

Our staycation comes to an end this evening.  It’s been a nice week of doing nothing much of anything, but I’m honestly ready to go back to work.  By Wednesday I could hardly stand myself, and was so happy to have a cake to make that it is a little embarrassing.  B and Thor both had birthdays during our time off, and Thor had his big birthday party yesterday.

Every year since age 2, we have gone to Chuck E. Cheese, but this year, Thor asked to go roller skating.  You know that was a big yes for me!  Where else can you unabashedly enjoy disco music?  Granted, I did struggle not to be THAT mom, but I got my skate time in for sure.  I also busted my butt in a lovely comic pratfall.  Both skates straight up in the air, both arms straight up in the air, and landed squarely on my back and one wrist.  At least it was entertaining for those who saw it.

I was this mom. Sweaty and happy.

I love roller skating.  I think Thor and I are going to have to go do it more often.


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