No Worries, Y’all. But would you like some fries with that?

My dear friend, Leslieann, read my last post and dashed off a concerned email.  I responded with our woes (it’s a big financial blow caused by an outside source) and she sent back her relief.  “That is frustrating.  I’m sorry.  I was afraid someone was sick or something.” 

Reality jolt! 

We do have our health.  None of us are sick.  I would much rather deal with financial ills than physical ones.  I can always find a part-time job to cover the losses.  Somebody has to work the night shift at McDonald’s! 

So:  No one is sick.  No one is hurt.  We’re just figuring out how to proceed.

P.S. I am swearing off ever owning property again, or at least I am swearing off ever leasing a property again once we sell this place.

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