Tornadoes in Fashion

Got a little windy out here yesterday, y’all. The Outside Lane family and friends are all accounted for, and none sustained any serious damage, so I’m pretty chuffed about that. Only three major injuries sustained in the wake of between 8 and 12 tornadoes is worth shouting about, too.

I’ve had recurring nightmares about tornadoes for years, starting the same week as The Great Fort Worth Tornado of 2000, of which I had a windshield view from rush hour traffic on the highway as it tore through downtown. It was as fascinating as it was unpleasant.

Footage from yesterday’s storm shows shiny metal debris orbiting one twister, looking like paillette sequins dancing in the wind. It was weirdly pretty, especially when you factor in that some of those sequins were actually semi-truck trailers, the sides of warehouses, and likely a few [tin] roofs [rrrrusted!] It did give me an idea for a Halloween costume, but it would require so much constant twirling to keep my sequins aloft that I wouldn’t make it fifteen minutes without ruining another of the Grimes Family’s sofas.

Can’t have that.

1 thought on “Tornadoes in Fashion”

  1. My dear Hubby works for USAA and has been sent to the DFW area as part of the disaster recovery team. He helps run the satellite uplink back to the office so people can file their claims more easily and get back to normal life sooner.

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