Box it Up

I am getting ready to go buy boxes for the upcoming move. I have a feeling this will be what consumes me for a little while, at least until we are in the new place and settled.

We are gaining kitchen, dining, and living space, and a bedroom, but we are losing bedroom space. Thor’s room will be cut considerably. I think this new one is under half of what he’s in now. So, we are going to make floor space for him with a loft bed.

It will look like this, without the bottom bed. I plan to put his bookshelves and toybox under the bed, along with this saucer chair. Space made!

It will be really nice to have a dining table again. And really nice to have enough kitchen space to get my kitchen tools out of storage. And I’ll have my fake fireplace back! And our full-sized washer/dryer! So much goodness.

So many boxes to pack.

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