Scairdy Cat

A list of things I have been afraid of at one time or another:

  1. Sharks.  Well documented.
  2. The back bedroom in my grandparents’ house.  I always had nightmares when I slept in there, and can distinctly remember dreaming in that room, that the Wicked Witch of the West stole my belly button.  I was a very small nubbin when that happened.  Hated that room.
  3. Clowns, specifically the clown-y looking, bigger than Lane, Raggedy Ann doll my mother made for me. 
  4. As a subset of that, I hate ventriliquist dummies.
  5. Rod Stewart’s pants.  Seriously terrified me as a child.  I remember vividly seeing him for the first time on Dolly Parton’s variety show.  As much as I loved Dolly (and y’all, I love Dolly) I fled the room at first sight of Rod Stewart’s pants. 
  6. The 70s TV show Ironsides.
  7. Dracula.
  8. Cirque du Soleil performers.  They just creep me out.  Like really flexible clowns.  Clowns that could contort to fit into spaces under your bed, then spider walk out at you during the night.  ugh!
  9. Blocked doorways.  I’m not claustrophobic, but I hate it when people stand in doorways blocking me into a room.
  10. Driving over tall bridges or ramps.
  11. Coworkers finding my blog.

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