I am boring as frick these days.  And opinionated.  Ha!

I have not given up on my monthly endeavors into self-education, I just haven’t had the free time I’ve been used to, so I’m not blogging it as I go.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes when you actually have work to do for the hours you are working.  Big difference.  Huge.

Fortunately, I enjoy my job and my coworkers (always nice), and I don’t mind getting up and going in to work.

In lieu of everything I intended to do as far as blogging out my research, here is a listicle:

  1. I have read 2 different psychology books (one about how the way we use pronouns tells us who we are, one about how we only think we are making choices)
  2. I have started Connie Rice’s book about how she worked with the LAPD to strengthen communities against gang warfare
  3. I have reread the Hunger Games in anticipation of that movie’s premier
  4. I have read two memoirs (one about being a domestic in the early 20th Century, one about being a domestic in the 1980s)
  5. I have completely ignored art
  6. I have discovered Revlon Lip Butter lipsticks and really like them
  7. I have decided that Lashgasm, by Too Faced, is my current favorite mascara
  8. I have declared one war
  9. I started watching SMASH and really like it–the musical numbers are great and stick with you
  10. I have made it a point to send or call in at least 5 good comments per week

And with that…goodnight!


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