Catching Up

I keep starting posts, then getting interrupted and forgetting they were ever begun.  Since I’m sitting up with some nasty symptoms, I may as well write a little.

I have been reading the Great Brain books to Thor at night.  We’re nearly finished with the first one and he is loving it.  I am loving that we grew ourselves a reader, who can usually be found in the wee hours cuddled up to a book, with one paw curled around a flashlight.  The boy loves to read.  If I could have hijacked myself a fairy to give him a birthright gift, I think a love of reading would have been in the top five, after health, happiness, optimism, and winning lottery numbers.

He is off at his grandparents’ house tonight, spending a few days of Spring Break with them.  I miss him like crazy when he’s gone, but we all know it’s good for kids to get a break from parents now and then.  And vice versa.

Not much else is new.  

I’ve been doing yoga a couple of times a week.  Ouch.

I need to get back into the pool, but I just don’t want to be wet.  I have too much hair now.  I know that sounds like a really lame excuse, but it’s true.  When my hair is short, or at least shorter than this, it’s easy to dry and fix.  But this long and it takes forever.  And at this length, I have to be careful of the ends, and lap swimming does nothing to their health.

Bryan keeps sending me photos of places that have shark aquariums.  I had a nightmare the other night, that I was swimming in a pool and realized it was glass-bottomed over an aquarium full of sharks.  As I was scrambling to the side of the pool and out of it, I was yelling, “What kind of crazy F invented this?!”  Because my subconscious mind is a smart-ass, it piped up into my dream that since I was the one dreaming it, I was the crazy F who had invented it.  I left the dream premises.  Didn’t even want to sit on the side of that pool.  Geez!

With that said, it’s time to try to go back to bed.  Here’s hoping I dream of something nice and happy.

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