Sopapillas, not SOPA PIPAs

Since she said it really well, I’m going to let Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots explain SOPA:

SOPA what, man?

So if you’re anything like me and read a lot of shit on the Internet (particularly when you should be working), you’ve probably already noticed that a good portion of the ‘Net is bringing attention to SOPA and PIPA today. I was confused even after reading the Wiki entries, so Reddit helped explain it a little better.


Here’s the thing: as with most bills, there are some things in here that sound pretty good! But the rest of it is entirely too vague. When I was younger I used to think that all the vague stuff would be justly handled by politicians because politicians should be really good people who never manipulate the law to fulfill their own greedy interests. But then I started watching the news, so, that was depressing.


These bills are too unclear about their proposed methods and actions. When taken to one extreme, the bill could mean that the US government wants people to stop stealing and monetizing other people’s intellectual property, and that they would be very careful about policing this. When taken to another extreme, the bill could mean that the US government could define IP theft however it (and its $upporter$) sees fit, and essentially shut down any website that so much as hosts a link to said thief’s site, even if it’s  from an unregistered commenter.


So, Americans! (Sorry for boring you, non-Americans.) Here’s what you can do to raise your voices (I am borrowing this from my pal Zach because I had no idea what to do, myself):

1) Look up your congressperson or senator, and see if he/she supports or opposes.


For SOPA: projects.propublica.org/sopa/
For PIPA: projects.propublica.org/sopa/pipa#roll_call

2) Click the appropriate picture to pull up contact information.

3) Write a handwritten letter describing why you’re unhappy. This is the best way to get their attention.

4) If you don’t have time for that, call their office and politely but firmly express your complaint, specifically mentioning their support for SOPA (house of reps) or PIPA (senate).


Let’s avoid the possibility of GWS ever being blocked by some poorly-written over-funded bill. If we want to protect creators from being robbed of their intellectual property, let’s do it the right way and be transparent about our motives. And until that happens, let’s raise hell over these bills so they won’t pass.


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