New You Revue

New Year, new me.  Since I have resolved not to spend money on clothes or accessories I do not need, I have decided that my personal upkeep can take an up-tick.  So, having found a girl who did an outstanding job on fixing the hair color mess I made of myself (Ali, at the Ulta salon in Southlake), and a girl who shaped my eyebrows better than anyone else who has ever laid tweezer, wax or thread to my brow bone (Cheryl, at the Terrace Retreat spa in Southlake), and a girl who just rocked my world with eyelash extensions (Preea, at Salon Diosa in Plano) I am all set.  Have I mentioned how much I like living in a central location?  I am too aggravated by my last three mani/pedis to even bother with those right now.  I’ll do my own, thanks.

I also discovered a great new lip stain/lip gloss.  Maybelline SuperStay 10Hour Stain Gloss.  This stuff is brilliant!  I bought it in Pleasing Plum, which turned out to wear as a really nice blue-red, after getting my hair colored.  I wanted a bright gloss I could wear when I did more retro looking makeup.  Very pleasantly surprised by the brightness of the color, the long lasting nature of the product, and the initial gloss.  The gloss lasts for a nice amount of time, too.

Glossy glosstain.


So here’s the new hair (a mahogany glaze,) and the new lipstain/lipgloss, along with the new eyebrows, and the new eyelashes.

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