Grouchy Shopper

Having just returned from the mall, I remember what I dislike about them.  Other than visits to Grapevine Mills mall, which doesn’t count because it’s an outlet mall, I haven’t been shopping in a mall for years.  I’ve met people at the Galleria, but not for shopping.  Tonight, I went to a local mall for shopping.  Ugh.

First of all, it was at least 80 degrees in there.  Too hot for humans, much less too hot for shopping, but at least I got my workout in by walking the length of the place twice (yes, I got lost) in hot yoga temperatures.  I also tried on several items, burning more calories.

Then, there is the level of service.  When I go into Ross or TJ Maxx, I don’t expect any service.  I don’t even expect the clothes to be on the racks.  At a department store, I do expect to be helped–or at least asked if I need help.  I don’t want to have to hunt down a salesclerk to go into a fitting room.  I don’t want to have to hunt down someone to cash me out.  I want service.  I am paying for it.

And there’s the last thing.  Mall prices are insane!  If I hadn’t been looking for something in particular, I’d have gone to one of my outlet stores, but since I needed one particular thing, for a very specific purpose, I went to the mall where I was guaranteed to find it.  I paid twice as much as I would have at Ross, but the odds of Ross having it were twice as slim, so I guess it evens out.

I stopped at the Lancome counter for some eyeliner and a set of their mini perfumes, and my purchase qualified me for a free gift–if I was willing to leave my purchases there until January 31, when the gift was available.  Say what?!  No.  When I pay for something, it comes home with me.  

On the plus side, it turned out to be a very nice mall, with a good variety of stores and several play areas for kids.  So, if I’m inclined, I could take Thor back with me.  


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