Sing Out, Sister!


I was very amused listening to The Ticket today.  The Hardliners were talking about number one songs from the day they were born, through their 21st birthdays.  Of course I had to come home and check out my own list.

1970 My Sweet Lord/ George Harrison
1971 Brand New Key Melanie
1972 Me and Mrs. Jones Billy Paul
1973 Time in a Bottle Jim Croce
1974 Angie Baby Helen Reddy
1975 Let’s Do It Again The Staple Singers
1976 Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright) Rod Stewart
1977 How Deep Is Your Love The Bee Gees
1978 Le Freak Chic
1979 Escape (The Piña Colada Song) Rupert Holmes
1980 (Just Like) Starting Over John Lennon
1981 Physical Olivia Newton-John
1982 Maneater Daryl Hall & John Oates
1983 Say, Say, Say Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
1984 Like a Virgin Madonna
1985 Say You, Say Me Lionel Richie
1986 Walk Like an Egyptian The Bangles
1987 Faith George Michael
1988 Every Rose Has Its Thorn Poison
1989 Another Day in Paradise Phil Collins
1990 Because I Love You (The Postman Song) Stevie B
1991 Black or White

Michael Jackson

I have a deep, abiding, shameful love of most of these songs.  Ask my girlfriends about Time in a Bottle.  They’ll tell you.  So will every request-taking band I’ve ever encountered.  I have yet to have a band take my request.  Time in a Bottle is live band kryptonite.  As is Girl From Ipanema, my other perennial favorite.

There is no way to hear Meee-eee-eee and Missus, Missus Jo-ow-wones without singing along to that thing they have going one, and do not even get me started on the Bee Gees, Chic, or 70s era Rod Stewart because I can’t talk about them without singing entire discographies.  

Physical?  Best workout video ever!  Maneater?  Heck yeah!  She only comes out at night.  Say, Say, Say?  How can you resist watching Michael Jackson lull Macca into a false sense of security just before fleecing him of the Beatles catalog?  Don’t play games with my affection, indeed.  Like a Virgin?  I can still remember the first time I heard that song.  It was Jennifer Wiggs, singing it in PE class, and another girl telling her with adoring bemusement, “Sweetie, you ARE a virgin!”  We were in 7th Grade. My understanding of how virginity was lost was still a little fuzzy, but after watching the video, I was pretty sure it had something to do with neon bracelets, Venice, and bustiers.

Say You, Say Me…oh my word.  How many times did I go see White Nights just to watch Mikhail Baryshnikov do standing splits up against a wall?  It was an awakening of sorts, but mainly to my sudden interest in the Soviet Union and the Russian language.  Say it together, naturally.

I still cannot resist the opening licks of Faith, and Poison will always be my favorite hair band.  Phil Collins should be illegal, though.

’74, ’79, ’86, and ’89’s songs are all flushable.  The others I either can’t recall, or don’t mind.

It’s not a great list.  But I have Time in a Bottle and Le Freak.  I have Le Freak.  It’s an awesome list.  Who am I trying to kid?

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