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B had the fortune to get to use company tickets to the TCU v BYU game tonight, so we headed out to Jerryworld in style, getting to park in a reserved spot in the VIP lot.  It was akin to getting a storeside space at Kroger’s.  In other words, amazing.  And there was our little, fuel efficient mom-mobile parked in between a Mercedes and a BMW.  The Mercedes had an LV bag in the back that was probably worth about 5k.  I had Thor’s Go-Diego-Go backpack in mine.  Somehow, I think if there had been any break-ins, we would have escaped notice altogether.

It was our first time to Jerryworld.  I have to say I was impressed and had a very nice time.  It was easily the most comfortable, enjoyable stadium experience I’ve ever had, BYU fans in front of us notwithstanding.  The nachos were good!  You know what I loved?  Nasty-good stadium food eaten in actual comfort.  That’s the life.

Thor had a blast.  Just minutes into the first quarter and he had picked up on TCU fans’ hand signs and was chanting for the team.  He also started begging to play football again.  Bless his little heart.  There is no way I am cosigning having 300lb men jumping on his head for a living.  He can have 200lb men throwing small, spherical projectiles at his head at ridiculous, rocket speeds instead.

As I type, the Rangers are throwing away their second chance at a World Series.  B is a sad panda.  I’m betting Uncle Chris is even sadder.

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