Sick Bay

Here is what I wish someone would invent and develop nationally, though I realize the liability would make it nigh on impossible to do:


A sick bay for children with low-grade illnesses, where parents could drop them off with peace of mind that they would be cared for, still allowing the parent to go to work.


You would have to staff it with medical professionals, so it would be cost prohibitive to most working families anyway, but it’s a nice idea.  Maybe you could staff it with nuns?  Why do I think nuns=nurses?  Too many war movies is why.


I was thinking about it because dinner (at the Black-Eyed Pea in Richardson on Beltline–don’t go there!  Horrible service, cold food.) last night made me ill.  After a short, but very violent burst of my body rejecting the chicken fried steak, I feel better, but my stomach muscles hurt like someone has jumped on them.  I was thinking about how frequently I threw up as a child, and how I always felt better immediately after, but still wasn’t quite ready to move along.  A sick bay would have been a great thing for my working mother.



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