In the Red

My newly reddened hair.

My hair length has come to one of those points of aggravation.  It isn’t quite long enough to be called long hair, but it is longer than medium.  It’s longer than my shoulders, but only annoyingly so–you know, where it’s just getting caught in the neckline of my shirts and snagging on the seatbelt.  That means it is come to a length of decision:  Cut it or color it–just do something!  So, I colored it.

I used John Frieda’s foam color in Light Golden Brown, which I figured (rightly) would redden up on me.  I love this color.  This is exactly the color I was going for.  What I do not love is how the coverage failed me.
I was a dark blonde when I foamed up, and I knew that I would see some differences in tones where I had highlights, where the virgin hair was at the root, and where the most damage is on the ends.  What I was not expecting was that the color would not set everywhere.  I ended up with a strange hand-sized pattern of shimmer on the side of my head, where bits and spots are shiny blonde.  I’m hoping it just looks like lighting!  I’m going to wait a couple of weeks and then do an all-over color again.
I really liked the Frieda foam when I used it to go baby-blonde, but I’m finding it hard to come by on the store shelves.  I do hope they continue making this shade because I’m kind of in love with it.

One response to “In the Red”

  1. I like it. It’s very pretty.

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