Elf Mineral Makeup Review

Last month I bought a Groupon for a steal on the already ridiculously affordable and awesome ELF cosmetics line.  My products arrived a few days ago, and this is my review.


Normally, I don’t buy mineral makeup.  I haven’t ever been happy with mineral foundations, I really dislike loose eyeshadows, and I had no idea that lipstick or lipgloss came in mineral styles.  When I bought the Groupon, I didn’t realize it was only for the mineral line, or I probably would have let it pass, but this way I got to try something new.


I bought 3 lipsticks (Rosy Raisin, Ripe Rose, and Rich Raspberry), 2 lipglosses (Wild, and Daring), a mineral blush (Bliss), a lipliner (Peachy), and a Kabuki face brush.


Honestly, I was really disappointed with the lipstick.  They are thick and heavy, and go on like pancake.  I feel like I am wearing my Granny’s Avon lipstick paste from 1973.  The colors are not true to the photos online (or to the flash photo I took), and look very similar on.  I’m going to give them further tries and see if they grow on me, but right now…enh.


Reserving judgment on the brush, which is a stiffer bristle than I had expected, but seems like I could like it.


The lipliner seems like great quality, but I chose poorly with the color.  Again, it wasn’t really true to what was shown.


However, the blush and the lipglosses are the usal ELF sort of fantastic!  I love these lipglosses!  I love them so much!  And the blush was the perfect shade for me.  It doesn’t take much to brighten up your whole face.


Buying makeup online is tricky anyway.  I’m glad I had the Groupon, or I would be very sad about the wasted money.  As it was, I ended up paying just what I would have spent on the products I like so well, so it’s a wash.



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