I used to work for a man, whose wife would call and share information with me.  One of her more amusing bon mots was that a lady should never use the words boobs, buck, or butt.  Up until then, I don’t think I used the words boobs or butt at all.  Now?  Now, I am practically Carlinesque with my desire to say all three of those words.


Why am I thinking about boobs?  I joined a blog networking community called SeededBuzz and have been reading all sorts of interesting articles.  Well, I have been bookmarking all sorts of articles that looked interesting to read later.  This morning I read one of my tagged titles regarding bra fitting.


Over on 32AA Bra, Amanda talks about how she fits clients for their lingere.  My sizing is a bit more generous than her speciality covers, but I always appreciate an expert’s opinion on sizing and fit.  I know I’ve been sized in more places than I care to admit, and done all the at-home math to end up with some hilariously ill-fitting results.  The worst is always when I try to talk to a Fitter about my build and make specific requests, and the Fitter looks at me like I’ve just blown her circuit board with my talk about having a high rib cage, broad shoulders, and wanting either a balconette or a demi-bra in either a stretch lace or a satin cup with minimal padding and absolutely no molding.  That usually ends with the Fitter just sort of wagging her measuring tape at me and saying words about numbers.


But as Amanda discusses, bodies aren’t all alike, so boobs won’t all fit into the same bras equally as well.  It is all about finding the style or brand that fits you best in a style, and very little to do with the alphabet.  In fact, of my 3 favorite bras, I have 3 different sizes.  Each one fits a little differently.  In one, I need a smaller band.  In one, I need a smaller cup.  In one, I wear a larger cup AND a smaller band.


So my advice is get your fitting, but remember that you are the one who knows best.


Some of my favorites:

the Heavently Wonder Push-up Balconette by Wonderbra

the Level 2 Naked Glamour Convertible Plunge by Calvin Klein

the Pure Bliss Microfiber Underwire by Hanes (that you can get in 3-packs at Sam’s!)

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