Because I Promised

The Death Penalty::Against it

And that out of the way, how about something lighter?

I always wonder how people find this blog. I think a large majority of first time visitors come through the WWK project. I know that a lot of them come in under search engines looking for the Ava Dress I posted. That’s a popular dress! I thought you might get a kick out of seeing what search engine terms brought strangers by in the past week. I’m not even sure how things like “a guy rubbed me” or “she love to make me wet myself” find THIS, but I feel like I should apologize to those people. No legal advice or golden shower technique to be found here.

listen to idol girls 2011 2
sugarpill love 2
outside boobs 2
the outside lane 2
andrew blake 1
a guy rubbed * me 1
tagline contest 1
jade green 1
30 rock abby breasts 1
the outside lane blog 1
peed my pants in public 1
gyno exam blog 1
do they rerun american idol? 1
2011 tagline contest 1
rachel zevita lipstick 1
what color is a finished pork chop 1
ava dress 1
pia toscana i’ll stand by you 1
stephanie seery-murphy 1
arwen lee adams bicknell 1
dusty green dresses 1
american idol pia toscana stand by me 1
architect mom 1
women worth knowing project 1
boobs outside 1
julie anne rhodes and nick rhodes 1
she love to make me wer myself 1
my husband made me wet myself 1
american idol the girls

We have 101 Dalmations on here. B raised an interesting question. How do two British dogs, living in London, manage to produce 15 puppies who speak with American accents?

Do you know how bad 101 dogs would stink? Even bathed? Your house would smell like wet dog all the time. I sure hope Roger’s career in music really took off, because feeding those little beasts would the GNP of some small nations.

2 responses to “Because I Promised”

  1. ::laugh:: In the book, Mr. Dearly (who became Roger in the movie) is a financial wizard who gets the government out of a tight spot and therefore is given a nice pension in thanks — which is why he’s able to start a Dalmatian Plantation. šŸ˜‰

    1. Well that makes much more sense!

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