I found this photostrip from an adventure Thor and I had at the Dallas Zoo, back in August of 2006. He was such a happy little man.

One of the nurses, yesterday, asked me when I was going to have another baby. Um, never? That ship has sailed. There was a window of time, between Thor’s being two and four, that I would have welcomed another baby–even craved one, but that window shut just as soon as he started school and I quit paying $210 a week for daycare. Holy moly, that $210 makes a difference!

I enjoyed all of Thor’s babyhood, but looking back, I wonder how we managed. I’m sure every parent does that–especially parents of multiples. How did you make the money work? How did you make it to work on so little sleep? How did you manage to carry around all the stuff you needed, in such a little bag? How did you manage all the germs and illnesses? How did you find the time to bathe yourself? Babies are work!

And bliss. At least mine was. He was fat and happy. Now he’s all long, skinny arms and legs, and happy. He looks nothing like that baby over there, anymore. Those days are long gone.

Fortunately, he still wants to snuggle.

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