Roach Bait

Yesterday, I was putting the final touches on my event outfit–that is, I was pawing through my delicates drawer, looking for my Spanx–when something moved in my drawer. In my drawer that is built into the platform of my bed, so technically, something moved in my bed. Closer inspection and I screamed. It was a waterbug as long as my index finger.

I did the, “OMG! Roach!” dance and squealed, then slammed the drawer shut and got my plain tights out of another. I wasn’t going to get into a fight with a roach just before it was time to leave.

We knew the hazards of living by water, which include waterbugs/roaches, rats, neutrea, etc., but we keep the place clean and I certainly don’t leave food in my slip/stockings/spanx drawer. It was a shock and I was not happy.

When I got home, I prepared to do battle, only to find the bug was gone. This made it impossible to sleep because I knew the thing was somewhere under my bed, crawling around, looking for more slips to invade. Everytime I would drift off, I would feel something on my hand, and lurch back into wakefulness.

I need to buy some roach motels and get them under my bed. Let them check in, and never check out.

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