A Day in the Life

Since Gwyneth Paltrow did her “Day in the Life” on Goop, I’ve been thinking about mine. So here it is. A day in Lane’s life.

4:00am, Thor bolts through the door like something is on fire and scrambles up into my bed, scooting up close and grabbing a handful of my hair before settling down to sleep again. I rearrange myself and hit snooze on my brain.
5:20am, B’s alarm starts going off. Apparently, his alarm is set to wake up my bladder, so I’m up and out of bed for a trip to the loo.
5:23am, back in bed, but not before turning off my 6am alarm. I probably won’t fall back to sleep anyway, but if I do, I have another alarm set for 6:30.
5:30am, B gets up to take a shower. I stretch out across bed.
5:50am, B gets back in bed, meaning I have to move over again.
6:05am, I get up.

I spent the next half hour making and drinking my cup of coffee while reading my favorite webcomics, checking email, and looking at Facebook, then I start waking up Thor.

Most mornings, he wakes easily. I get him up, and situated with breakfast, and an episode of Andy Pandy, which he watches while I roam around working in the kitchen and making beds. I get his clothes for the day and have him dress, then I get dressed while he brushes his teeth. I manage those things for myself while he is looking for his shoes.

7:30am, we walk out the door and head to school.
7:40am, kiss Thor goodbye and watch him run inside, then walk back home.
7:50am, am back at home.

From 7:50 to 8, I look at the internet.
From 8 to 8:30, I put on makeup and fix my hair while watching the news.
I am out the door by 8:45, and in my office by 9.

I spend the hours of 9–5 in the office. If my boss is in town, it is a working lunch. If she is out of town, unless I am meeting a friend, I do something quick and read a book. I never know what time lunch is going to happen, though.

I leave at 5pm and pick up Thor from after school care around 5:30pm.

We are home by 6pm, and I start dinner while he watches his one allotted cartoon.
By 6:30pm, he is whining to watch another, and we do that dance. He goes upstairs to play.
B is usually home by 6:30, and dinner is around 6:45pm.
I have become psycho about my dishes being done before I can enjoy my dinner, so most of that is finished before I eat.
7:30pm, we might watch some tv, or play on the internet a while, laundry going simultaneously.
7:45pm, bath time.
8:00pm, Thor gets the 30 minute bedtime warning.
8:30pm, Thor goes to bed.
8:45pm, I start writing, or brainstorming to write, and that goes on until I have bored myself thoroughly.
I am usually in bed between 10:45pm and 12:15am, though sometimes I am in bed as early as 9:30pm.

It all starts again around 4am, unless Thor comes visiting earlier.

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