Ava Green

I have been coveting a dress from Pinup Couture for over a year now, so when it went on special for the holidays, and I came into some birthday monies, I snapped it up. I am thinking about it now because I’ve just been trying it on and admiring it in front of the mirror. I fully intend to wear it to B’s holiday party, which happens in just a few weeks.

The Ava dress in Jade Green.

It’s amazing, isn’t it? I also have some black satin, wedges with a rosette, which I plan on wearing with it.

I’ve even found the perfect foundation garments for the shape of the dress, no mean feat, and I have a stunning faux fur wrap to wear with it, courtesy of my mother’s Home Shopping Network addiction and her great love of dressing me up. Thanks, Mom!

Together with a vintage emerald bib necklace, I think this dress will knock it out of the park.

However, I am feeling a bit like a dumpling lately. Or a pudding bag. I’m not sure which. One of the reasons Thor got a Wii for Christmas, was so that I could use it for workouts. I bought a Biggest Loser game (pre-owned from GameStop, a former employer of mine–shop their used games, I have great affection for the used games department at corporate, as they used to employ my Lobster and were very good to her) and gave it a go this morning.

I’ve never watched the show, but I’ve heard that the lady trainer is evil, so I chose the man trainer. I couldn’t find a Mii who was near my age/sex/size, so I just picked a blonde and went to town. Not bad, although, it did require some coordination and the ability to pick up a choreographed movement. I just kind of bounced around in place when it came to that.

I also bought an egg timer, and will start doing situps and pushups again. To start, I’ll do as many as I can for one minute, then two minutes, then three minutes. Then I’ll start doing circuits of one, two, and three minutes. And I’ve got to start watching what I eat again. With so many excellent restaurants around…

Anyway, that’s where my brain is tonight.

2 responses to “Ava Green”

  1. This dress…. OMG this dress will look AMAZING on you!!!! It looks like it was made for YOU. Can’t wait to see the photos (hint hint).

    My husband has dropped 65 pounds since August, mainly by having one gigantic salad a day and then being very judicious in choosing snacks. But the temptation has been fierce!

    oh and I could do maybe… 1 sit up in a minute. Sit ups are not my friend. Push ups are better, but not much. I live in fear of the summer day when I might have to wave at some one.

    1. I just quit doing anything because I was so tired. My work hours and commute exhausted me…and I was really unhappy in our previous location. Now, I’m walking stairs several times a day, and I’m starting to feel good again. Working out should be easier to do. Much easier.

      Good for Mr.Y! I love salad.

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