Women Worth Knowing: Meet Krista

If you ever want to share a taxi in Las Vegas, I highly suggest finding out whether or not Krista would care to share it with you.  She’ll make the frustrating ride worthwhile with her quick wit.  Also, you could find much worse things to look at.  I tried not to let my staring be too obvious, but Krista is very pretty and I like looking at her.

Since I have known her, Krista has battled cancer and fought back from a near death hospitalization while holding down more than a full-time job, often under extremely stressful office circumstances, raising Greyhounds, dealing with a failing economy in a very depressed market of the U.S., and is newly single after an arduous struggle to save a long-term marriage.  And she has done all of this with grace, humor, and fantastic looking hair.

You want to know how good survival can look?  Look at Krista.

She is generous and loyal.  She is a hard worker.  She is effortlessly stylish.  She is unsinkable.

Meet Krista.

Name:  Krista Butala Chapman

Age Range:  Late 30’s (shhh… I will now stay this way forever. What?)

Job Title:  Creative Director – I make the pretty.

Industry:  Advertising/Media – I bleed CMYK

Who are you? I am recently divorced after a 16 year marriage and starting over in my late 30’s. How did THAT happen? My grandmother asked me last week “what are you going to do with the rest of your life?”

I think I became physically ill for about 10 minutes as I collected myself. As of this moment, I am not too sure where life is going to take me but I’m ready. Life, I’m driving a new car, hit it.

Describe your family: My family is all over the country and I count my close friends as family as well. From the each coast; East and West, the Midwest, the South, Southwest… the people I love are everywhere. Did I mention I have a 12/13 year old half sister? Yup. There’s a shock to my 30 something brain.

What is the last hour of your day like? My feet hit the floor at 5:30 am after I hit snooze about 3 times. I shower, beautify (as much as I feel is humanly possible on a day-to-day basis), dress and let my 2 small dogs out. Pack a lunch, drink a cup of coffee, pop my vitamins, have a smoke (I know, it’s bad for you) and bolt out the door for work. I am tired already.

The last hour? [The last hour of the day I] wash [my] face, brush teeth, change in to pj’s. I am in bed usually by 9-9:30 and will cuddle up with my dogs while I watch tv and drift off to sleep. I usually wake up in the middle of the night with a 10 lb italian greyhound on my face. She might be trying to smother me in my sleep, who can tell? Ooh. I am living on the EDGE!

What makes you feel successful? I find success in so many things, which surprisingly, doesn’t include my job. I’ve won awards and all those things but the simple fact that I wake up everyday, take a breath and know I’m still here after all I have been through? That is success.

What brings you joy? Ah joy. I have always said, you MUST find joy in all you do. Even the tiniest bit, otherwise it’s not worth doing. At this current time in my life, knowing I have employment, having my 2 dogs, a roof over my head, knowing people care about me, support and love me… that brings me joy.

What women do you admire? I admire my grandmother. She’s 86, has 5 children, a long time widow and to this day, she’s STILL feisty. She’s just always amazed me and she’s so damn strong. When I grow up. I want to be her. And the woman looks damn good for 86. They let me vent, scream, cry, laugh and have a damn meltdown and come back to my center without judging me… and all within a hour’s time span.

What do you admire about yourself? I think I admire my strength. I am one damn strong woman.

What advice do you have for boys? Oh [what advice do I have for] boys? Just listen. Communicate with us. Appreciate us.

How do you face adversity? I should be the poster child for adversity. Divorced parents, my mother almost died in an accident when I was 14, I put myself through college with very VERY little assistance, moved across the country alone, I’ve had cancer, I’ve almost died in surgery, been through divorce, worked my tush off to get where I am… yes. Adversity, I do not fear you anymore.

How would you like to be remembered? I would like to people just to remember how my face lights up when I smiled and that I truly loved.

2 responses to “Women Worth Knowing: Meet Krista”

  1. Krista is an old friend of mine from art school. Haven’t talked to her in years. Any idea on how I can get in touch with her?

    1. I would be happy to pass your information along to her. Just email me at lane (at) theoutsidelane (dot) com.

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