Nyx Style

I’m not dressing very interestingly these last few days.  I haven’t done laundry, and need to mend some hems, so I’m down to the scraps I normally reserve for…well, days when I haven’t done laundry and need to mend hems.

Everything from the last two days has come from Target or Ross, and cost between $9–$29. 

Yesterday it was a tie front top in a muted coral, with a gray pencil skirt with a kick pleat in the back.  Kick pleats can make a boring skirt much more fun.  I prefer them to a regular slit.  (I have this paranoia about slits tearing open ever since I saw it happen to a friend of mine.)  Small gold earrings and pewter colored maryjanes finished the look.

Today is even more boring.  Basic black pencil skirt boring, topped off with a tiered shirt in black.  Same pewter maryjanes because I am on my feet frequently and these are low-heeled and well padded.  I’m pretending they are as cute as the facsimiles in the polyvore photos.  Amethyst drop earrings for some color. 

I’ll tell you this: I have a new eyeshadow obsession.  You’re going to need to run to Albertsons or some other place that sells Nyx cosmetics and grab up as many of the trios of Perpetual as you can find because the brown in that set is THE MOST PERFECT BROWN EYESHADOW EVER!

The trio is made up of a red, green, and plummy brown perfection.  Brown eyeshadows can easily look dirty or tired, but this is just the right mix of earth and berry, and would look good with almost any complexion.  I’m thinking of doing a makeup tutorial with this trio.  I’ve been wearing the brown non-stop since I bought it on clearance last week, and I purposefully went back to Albertsons last night to get another.

And with that, I am fresh out of style for the day.

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