I was making some changes to the blog this morning and realized how dependent I have become on Excel. How am I supposed to alphabetize without Excel?! I am expected to move these things manually? Well, it just can’t be done right now. I will wait until I get home to my beloved spreadsheet.

Changes include: I created a WWK archive with links to all the profiles. Should be easier to navigate that way. Will be much easier once I can alphabetize the list.

I also dropped the link to the blog about Thor. He shouldn’t be that easy to find, right?

The gracious links to this blog from Julie-Anne Rhodes, Martha Brockenbrough, and Pamela Ribon have increased site traffic, and I am feeling the pressure to be entertaining. Those of you who know me best know what that means.

I’m going to have to tell the homeless man story.

No. I’m going to have to tell the whole story, start to finish, of how I ended up sitting, sobbing curbside of a porno boutique in NYC, with a homeless man offering me his last three dollars. Including how I became briefly involved with a mafia run ticket scalping ring, was chased by police twice, and was asked for my autograph for just looking famous.

This could take a while.

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