Roller Girl

Today was quite a roller coaster for me.  There was the high of registering Thor for school, then getting breakfast at the Waffle House, followed by the low of realizing that the skirt I had on was a wrinkler, and I looked like I’d slept in it.  I’m always pretty happy to walk into my office and see my coworkers, so that was a high–how many people can say that?!  Then the day was crazy in a manic sort of way, and that wasn’t great.  There was the further low of it starting to rain while my sunroof was open, and having to run out into it to save my car from filling up like an aquarium.  And then I got some bad news.  I’d been expecting it, but it was a blow just the same.  Really just a blow to my ego, but still!  I picked up Thor, and I was happy again.  Then, I came home and went to work on the Women Worth Knowing project.

Do you know what?  That makes me so happy!  I really enjoy sitting down and writing nice things about people.  So much more fulfilling than my short lived career as a gossip blogger.

I also came home to some very sweet emails from you all.  Thank you.  My day ended on a high.  You are good people.

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