Women Worth Knowing: Meet Charlcye

Charlcye (CHARL-see) is one of those rare women who nearly defy description.  I would swear that the lyrics to Drops of Jupiter were written about her, given that she acts like summer and walks like rain, but I knew her when the song came out and am pretty sure she’s never met Train.  Then again, it’s Charlcye.  She may very well have met and charmed, and been muse for that song.  She keeps her mysteries.  Not secrets.  Secrets are mundane, and there is nothing mundane about this woman.

I met Charlcye when we worked in the same department, and a few years later ended up working for her.  It was a blissful year, and I was incredibly sorry when a merger upended our happy arrangement.  However, once we were no longer coworkers, or in a manager/employee relationship, I got to know Charlcye as a friend–you should always ask for that in a severance package.  Your HR department might look at you funny, but you should definitely always try to get “and a friendship with Charlcye” out of any deal.

To the eye, Charlcye would appear to be carefree and wild.  She would appear to listen like Spring and talk like June.  But look closer.  There is method to her motion.  She is like a hummingbird, appearing only to flit and zip, and dart toward color in a flicker of movement, but in those short strokes, she is solid and serious, and drinking deeply from whatever has caught her interest.  There is nothing shallow about her.  Every click of her high heel is measured.  Every toss of her hair is pre-considered.  Every question she asks you is meaningful to her.

She once told me that she loves meeting anyone because everyone is a wonderful story waiting to be told.  Let her tell you hers.

Meet Charlcye.

Name: Charlcye
Age Range: 30 FOREVER
Preferred Job Title:  Investor in Real Estate, Travel, and Relationships
Industry:  Real Estate

Who are you :  somewhere in the many labels placed upon me you get a true sense of who I am:  Christ-Follower, Free Spirit, Goddess of Travel, Wife, Step-Mummy, Lover, BFF, Soul Sister, Vegetarian, Business Owner, Libertarian, Writer, Poet, Wanderer, Activist, Executive, Sabbatical Supporter, Urban Nomad, God-Mummy, Philanthropist, Connector, Highly Directive (not bossy…lol), Dream Coach, Empath, Life Builder, Pet Rescuer, Creative Soul, Daughter, and Earth Explorer.

Describe your family: Husband Mike, 3 daughters, 2 dogs, 1 cat (package deal when I said “I do” in 2008 – from single/no pets to instant family).  Mum (Spiritual Mentor), dad (my BFF), and my dearest Aunt Sharon (offers encouragement, inspiration, and unconditional love).  I believe in creating my family by carefully selecting and adding people to my life – coining them “family” promises a commitment for Forever.

What does the first hour of your day look like?
Looking to see where I am (always hopeful I’m in a hotel in a far-away city); yoga stretches to wake up and to breath correctly; listen to Public Radio updates on the world (90.1 KERA); dress and paint The Canvas (my outer shell) for the day according to agenda, weather, and feelings; kiss Mi Amor good bye for the day; determine my Intentions for the day.

The last hour? Yoga stretches; remove makeup; change into attire for Dreamland; recap day in Gratitude Journal; review/update Prayer List; tell dogs and cat good night and to sleep well; kiss Mi Amor good night and wish him Bon Voyage into Dreamland.   Identify intentions for amazing dreams and waking up rested.

What makes you feel successful? I equate success with making a difference.  Success for me is realized when I see or hear from someone about a positive difference because of my direct involvement in his/her life.

What brings you joy? Times that I am completely in the moment with no distractions – these are the moments I cherish most.  Music that resonates with my soul, music or words that connects my spirit with God, sitting in cafes writing in my journal, and watching an independent film and feeling a shift in my focus that is changing my life.

What women do you admire? Tough question, so many amazing women with qualities and responses to life that I admire.  My Mum gives freely her time, energy, and finances without any expectations in return; her legacy will live on for generations.  Betsey Johnson created her life, her eccentric fashion line, while overcoming being a single mum, seasoned divorcee, and breast cancer survivor.  Mother Teresa for sacrificing for others and yet being awesomely aware of her soul’s cravings.

What do you like best about your closest friend? Both he and she know my heart, my soul (mind, will, and emotions), my darkness and are not afraid, they know and encourage the light in me that when allowed can shine forth.  Unconditional love.

What do you like best about yourself? I am fully integrated, self-reflective, awake and see.  I connect with people and can learn from anyone I meet; I strive to see the magic moments of life.   Adventurous, tenacious, deep thinker.  I take inventory, experience being truly sorry, and seek forgiveness when my actions or attitudes have been less the Best Possible Me.

What advice would you give boys about girls? 1. Every decision has a consequence – indecision is a consequence. Choose your consequences wisely.  2. “Crushes” can last up to a year and are only chemicals in the brain showing you similarities and “feel good” moments.  Love lasts and needs values and morals that are the same to build the foundation for a lasting love. You will “love” several but can only build a healthy life with a select few.   3. Never let anyone believe he/she is more special to you than they are – don’t break hearts and stop others from damaging other humans.   4. Don’t believe the lies society tells you:  high school -> college-> marriage-> suburbs-> children.  FIND YOUR PATH; only get married if you truly mean “forever”, don’t have children unless your decisions will be for their best interest, don’t have children to feel loved or to live out your plans through them, don’t live in the suburbs if you are a Urbanite or Downtowner.   5.  Watch for the Moments of Clarity.  Talk to strangers.  Travel by yourself.  Wander with no destination in mind.  Explore all possibilities.

How do you overcome adversity? With my faith in God and the support of my friends and family.

How do you want to be remembered? I hope that others would place on my epitaph:  “ Believer in possibilities, Embraced others Souls,  Aligned her Spirit with God’s plans, and Lived until her last breath.”

8 responses to “Women Worth Knowing: Meet Charlcye”

  1. Sharon Christa Avatar
    Sharon Christa

    I love this.
    It is truly my Charlcye that I love truly and dearly
    There must be a complete book out there, to be writen about the life of Charlcye

    1. Sharon Christa Avatar
      Sharon Christa

      I left of the word LOVE>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. What an accurate description of you, Charlcye. You’ve always been unique and beautiful in so many ways, including (among other things) a pure heart, strong morals, compassion for others, and love for the Lord. We could not be more grateful to Him for you and for Mike and all you stand for. Being one of your parents is our highest honor!

  3. What an accurate description of you, Charlcye. You’ve always been unique and beautiful in so many ways, including (among other things) a pure heart, strong morals, compassion for others, and love for the Lord. We could not be more grateful to Him for you and for Mike and all you stand for. Being one of your parents is my highest honor!

  4. […] into Dallas for a wedding in 2002, and I wanted to see the big [corporate headquarters.]  So Charlcye and you, and someone else met me, took me to lunch, and I got the star treatment tour. I remember […]

  5. What a beautiful article. You are such an inspiration to everyone you come into contact with. I am so blessed to be part of your life and share memories with you.

    Your loving husband.

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