Alladin Sane

David Bowie was just on the Muzak, which made me remember this.  Enjoy a peek into my world.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

 You Remind me of the Babe…

Tonight, I tried to show Labyrinth to my son.

“Why should we watch this?” He asked.

“Because it has muppets, and goblins, and fight scenes, and David Bowie,” I answered.

He said, “Oh. David Bowie?”

“Yes,” I nodded, wondering mildly how he recognized the name.  Had I talked about him before?  “David Bowie.”

When David Bowie came on the screen, I pointed him out.

“That’s David Bowie,” I said, not mentioning that I loved David Bowie before I met Daddy.

“THAT?!” Thor asked incredulously. “That is David Bowie?!”

Surprised at his tone, I said, “Yes…why?”

He shook his head, “Well, in Space Chimps, Titan says to Ham, ‘What? Are you David Bowie, or something?’”

While I was registering that David Bowie got name checked in Space Chimps, Thor was snorting his disgust. Seriously. He was so disappointed. I can only assume he thought David Bowie was an astronaut, or race car driver, or something else a four-year-old might find interesting.

He wandered off soon enough, bored out of his skull. Daddy Diarist had already left the room. That’s fine. I never turn down five minutes alone with Ziggy Stardust.

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