Hair We Go

My hair has a mind of its own.  It is baby fine and mostly straight, with strange, deep waves right at the temple, and two wild cowlicks in the back.  Years of struggle have taught me how to tame it, but on mornings I don’t feel like cracking the whip, I like wigs.

Wigs!  Accessories for your head!  You can change your hair wardrobe as often as you change your shoes.  Have short hair.  Have long hair.  Have bangs.  Have curls.  Be blonde.  Be brunette.  Be pink.  It is all within reach.

I have yet to add full wigs into my rotation of hairpieces, but frequently employ the services of wiglets, clip-ins, and 3/4 wigs.  This link will take you to a site showing the best variety of options available for hairpieces.  I have bought some of my pieces at Sam Moon (hair only available in stores), but usually, I will find what I want online and then shop out the prices.  It is worthwhile to spend the money on a good hairpiece, especially if you plan to wear it frequently, but I like a bargain and don’t mind hunting for it. 

Roots can be up to 2 shades of difference with a headband.

The piece I am wearing today is a 3/4 wig on a headband.  I found the style and brand through the internet, then I searched for it on Ebay and bought it for $39 instead of $70.  I like this style because you use your natural hairline, and the more of actual nature showing, the more natural it looks.  Also, it is lighter, cooler and easy to style.  The big bonus is that you don’t have to worry so much about a perfect match between your natural hairline and the wig.  Your roots can easily be two shades up or down from the hairpiece, and no one will wonder.  When you change your hair color as frequently as I do, that’s a plus.

I also love the fauxnytail and the faux updo.  Right now, I’m pretty sold on the Jessica Simpson/Ken Paves collection.  I have several of their items and like the quality and how well they hold their shape.  I keep my eye out for these on Ebay.  I think my best purchase was of the faux bangs.  I was trying to decide if I wanted a thicker cut fringe, and this was a good way to try out the look without having to hack into my hair.

I’m not a fan of claw clip add ins, mainly because with my hair texture, it’s hard to get a natural look with those.  On people with thick hair, those can look beautiful.  My thick haired cousin, Michael, wears them and they look fantastic on her.  I love the pieces that are fitted onto combs.  I can put my natural hair into little sprigs of ponytails and secure the comb into those.  I also like the pieces that are on clamp type barettes.  The interlocking combs are my favorite for the sheer grip and security, and because they cover a wider expanse of my head than a claw clamp can.  This means a more natural look, too.  It’s a case of whatever looks best on your head.

If you’re new to wigs and hairpieces, start small and experiment.  It is so much fun to be able to change your look in the time it takes to put on a snow cap!

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