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A Twofer Review: Ant Man and Pitch Perfect 2

So, Ant Man is awesome.  Everything about Ant Man is good.  Paul Rudd is perfect.  Michael Douglas is perfect.  Corey Stoll is perfect.  Evangeline Lilly is perfect.  Michael Pena is extra, super perfect.  And, I was happy to see Judy Greer in a role that did not make me want to see her eaten by a dinosaur, so, perfect.

It’s all the best of the goofy Guardians of the Galaxy, with the heart of Captain America, with the gadgetry of Iron Man, with what is quite possibly the best, and the funniest battle finale I’ve ever seen.

Thor, who is my litmus test for how an action movie plays, was yelling and trying to quote lines only seconds after they were delivered.  He was completely engaged, and excited by the whole thing.

I’m not telling you anything else because you have to go see it.  I’ll be going again.

7 out of 5 stars

You know I hated Pitch Perfect.  I enjoyed the singing, and I really enjoyed the sing-offs, but I hated the movie.  I hated how they used Rebel Wilson.  I hated the romantic sub-plots.  I hated Anna Kendrick’s character because she was a twit.  Well, Pitches, I liked this one.

I still had a problem with a lot of the throwaway humor (because I’m a Pinko like that,) but I really enjoyed what they did with Anna’s character this time around, and Rebel’s character was enjoyable–the focus on her size shifted to something less cartoonish, and she had some really good moments.  The music wasn’t as much fun as the first, but it was still zippy, and the premise and the plot carried through in a nice way.  I like to think this was Elizabeth Banks’ hand showing.

This movie even got me smiling over the Green Bay Packers.  You can ask Thor what a forerunner of the apocalypse that is.

I laughed out loud several times, and enjoyed watching the movie.  Actually, if I saw this on TV, I would probably stop and watch it again.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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