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What a Week!

It’s been a banner week for me. ran a post of my Rebels piece, and at this moment, that’s been shared 12.9k times on Facebook.  I don’t know that many people, so that means strangers actually thought it was worth sharing!  Who knew having Jan and Marcia fighting in your bikini bottoms was going to be such a hit?

You guys got to read that first, but you may have missed the piece I wrote for the I sent that to them as an original, unpublished work, and they ran it on Friday.  Such a delight!

I submitted two other pieces to two other websites, who have accepted the work, and I am waiting to find out when they will run.  One you’ve read here before, the other was my essay for the Listen To Your Mother Austin show.  And, I’ve submitted an essay to a lit mag, and am waiting to hear back on whether it fits their needs.

The submission process has never gotten easier for me.  Every time I click Send, I feel like I am casting a little bit of myself out for judgment and rejection.  It’s a beauty pageant for my words–my soul–rather than my body.  I honestly feel a lot more comfortable with people judging my body.

That recurring nightmare I have of being shoved out onto a football field, as I am now, wearing a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader uniform is nothing compared to the one I have of being told I’m a hack writer.  Or the one where I realize the toilet I am using is in the middle of a room full of people.  That’s actually the worst one.

When I write, I think a lot about the things written that have meant most to me.  Today, I leave you with a link to a blog post about how our ability to use language forms our worlds.  I read this one months ago, and I think about it almost daily.

When Every Word Matters, by my friend Tamara.

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