I love playing with Ancestry.com.  I love it even more now that I’ve discovered I share my 19th great-grandfather on my father’s mother’s side with a family of ladies I adore.

I came to the appreciation of Girlfriends in my mid-twenties.  Up until then, I was the girl who liked to say she preferred the company of boys because girls were just so…ugh.  The problem wasn’t the girls.  The problem was the fact that we were all teenagers.

I had a couple of good girlfriends, girls who are still my friends, in fact, but until I met the women who would end up making the core of my Tribe, I didn’t have much nice to say about my gender compatriots.  Now?  Ffft.  My girlfriends get me through the day.  What would I do without them?  My droogs.  My dogs of war.  Y’all know who you are!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed with the Listen To Your Mother Austin cast, is how open and welcoming all the women are.  We’ve made Facebook friends with each other, and we’re sharing fears and photos like we’ve known each other forever.  No worry about judgment.  No concern about cattiness.  Just a bunch of women who were strangers 3 weeks ago, who made themselves vulnerable for the sake of art and honesty.

Listen To Your Mother isn’t just happening in Austin.  It’s in nearly 40 cities across the country.  If you are near a show, go.  I went last year, and sat in the audience having All The Feels.  It was a delicious experience, and I want you to have that!

If you are going to be in Austin on April 25, please come see our performance.  We are really, really good.  And I’m not just saying that because I have Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

Also, I’ve seen the shoes that will be up on that stage.  Come for the artistry, stay for the fashion show.