My boy and I are enjoying an evening of Whataburger and Iron Man*.  Bacon and RDJ.  Yessah!

I’m in the process of art for two different books, reading three manuscripts, and still trying to get my look together for LTYM.  It takes time to create a look, and my most recent addition was a set of lash extensions.

I bought a Groupon to Fawn Spa to give their services a try.

I’ve done lash extensions before.  The first two times, I had very sloppy applications.  The third time, I had great application, but hated the length, so I wasn’t happy.  This time, Rachel, asked me for a picture of what I liked, then got to work building out my dream lashes.

I have decent lashes with nice length and good curl, but they are literally translucent, so without mascara, I kind of look like a white rabbit.  Actually, white rabbits have more color to their lashes.  Rachel gave me Hollywood lashes.


I feel very glamorous.  And let’s face it, feeling glamorous is half the battle.

Rachel’s work gets 5 stars from me.  Spa environment gets 3 stars, but my eyes were closed most of the time, so I’m not sure that matters?

*It really bothers me that Gwyneth can’t walk well in the heels of her Pepper Potts CEO costume.