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Talking to My Boy About Girls: Movies

Thor:  What if I wanted to change my name so that it was really Thor, and not just my nickname?

Me:  Sure, kid.  You just have to wait until you are 18.

Thor:  Okay!  Can everyone change their name?

Me:  Yes, you just have to pay for it.

Thor:  Oh.

Me:  Do you think it would be cool if everyone changed names every few years?

Thor:  Yes!  Oh…no.  No.  Because we might all end up with the same name, or something.  Like, all the girls would end up named Elsa.

Me:  And all the boys would be named IronMan?

Thor:  I’d be called Thor.

Me:  Of course.

Thor:  But, yeah, all the girls would be Elsa.  *sighs* Why do all the girls love that stupid movie?  I mean ALL the girls love that movie.

Me:  I thought it was a nice movie.  It’s a nice change for girls to see a movie like that.

Thor:  Why?

Me:  Well, most movies are about boys getting to do something awesome, with girls just standing there looking pretty, or about boys rescuing girls, or about girls who try to do things, but need boys to help them.  Frozen is about two girls who get to use their brains and their brawn to help each other.  There are some cool guys in it, but for girls, it’s nice to be able to identify with girls who are actively doing things, and being the heroes.

Thor:  Oh…

Me:  Imagine if every movie you saw was about a girl rescuing a boy.

Thor:  *nose wrinkle*

Me:  Exactly.  Do you think I could rescue Daddy as much as he could rescue me?

Thor:  Of course!

Me:  Movies don’t.  Most movies aimed at girls are about princesses who need rescuing, where the girls can’t figure out the solutions to their own problems. It’s nice to watch a movie where the girls can help themselves.  That’s got a lot of appeal.

Thor:  That makes total sense.  But the song is still terrible.

Me:  Let it go.

Thor:  *eye roll*

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