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No More Wire Hangers!

Robyn and I have been dancing in place, trying to hold it together long enough to wait for pre-order links before showing you the cover of Mommie Diarist.  Well, we have them, and HERE IT IS!


Motherhood makes you crazy. There is no function of life that will make you more certifiably insane.  Whether you are crazy in love, crazy busy, or just being driven up the wall, there is no insanity more worthwhile.  Mommie Diarist is about the good, the bad, and the boldfaced.  It is a collection of honest essays about the hardest and best job in the world.

We’re so happy with the collection, that we’re already working on Volume 2.

Order from Amazon at this link, or from Barnes & Noble here.

The book features essays from Virginia Woodruff, Emily Reese, Dona Hightower Perkins, Gina Curvin, Sheila Rosenberg, Susan Olson, Jackie Hennessey, Nanci Rathbun, Sharon Laidlaw-Almaguer, Kristin Vanderhey Shaw, and yours truly, Robyn Rasberry and Lane Buckman.

Personally, I could identify with something in every essay I read.  I know you’ll find something that touches you.

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