When Robyn and I decided to start Robyn Lane Books, we figured that if we built it, the writers would come.  We were right.

Our very first executed contract was for Leslie Gibbons’ beautiful story, A FAIRYTALE FOR MOTHERS.  Leslie’s daughter, Elspeth (who would later sign her own contract with us, and whose book is forthcoming!) sent us the piece, wondering if it might fit in with a collection of essays we are curating on motherhood.  I opened the attachment and started to read.

Before I was halfway through, I knew this had to be its own book.  By the end, as I was wiping away tears from my eyes, I knew it had to be a picture book.  Halfway across town, Robyn was having the same reaction.

When Leslie explained the origin of the story, it made it that much more special.  You see, when her daughter was expecting her first baby, she despaired over the lack of stories with living, loving mothers.  She asked Leslie to write her a story to read to her baby, and A FAIRYTALE FOR MOTHERS was born.

It is the story of a mother bird, who loves her chicks into readiness to leave the nest, and how they love her in return.  Trust me–it’s a story that will stay in your heart forever.

We’ve been working on getting Leslie’s book ready for you since April, and it has been a true labor of love.  Today, I am thrilled to reveal the cover to you, and let you know that it will be available for pre-order soon in both print and eBook.

So, without further adieu,


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