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Hymenah Hymenah!

I love and hate the same thing about the internet:  How easy it is to share information/misinformation.  You know those quotes from Abraham Lincoln about loving aliens?  Misinformation.  But this series about women’s health and sex from Laci Green?  Excellent information.

I’m a grown woman, and I’ve learned some things from her*.  Since I saw this video today, and since I learned something about the hymen, I thought I’d share it in case anyone else needed the info.

This is something I need to remember to share with my son (or have B share with him), when he’s old enough/showing enough interest that the conversation is appropriate.  The more we all know about how our respective parts work, the better life will be for everyone.

*I purposefully made a low grade in my high school “health” class, and actively avoided paying attention because I was afraid the teacher would think I was a trollop if I did well, or seemed too interested.  How sad is that?  Then, I started taking Human Sexuality in college, right as I became a religious zealot.  I decided it was unseemly to do well in that class, so I only learned enough to make a middling grade, and skipped all the classes about The Act.

I’m an old lady now, and I am telling you, “You need to know this stuff because it’s as normal, and as important as knowing about nutrition.  Knowing the mechanics of your body/your gender opposite’s body is important.  There is nothing dirty, or bad, or shameful about it.  Just be responsible when putting any sort of sexual knowledge into practice.  Like Proverbs says, get wisdom AND understanding.  And use lube.”  That last bit isn’t in Proverbs.  That’s in Song of Solomon.

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