The release of PLAYING ALL THE ANGLES is creeping closer.  I have bookmarks and magnets for book signing giveaways, and I played with making shrinky-dink charms of the book cover, yesterday (adorable! But not cost effective–I’ll use them as special giveaways.)  Finally, I gave up and asked the B&N contact if I could just bring cookies.  I’ll be taking cookies.  Now, to find heart shaped cookies.  And to order my book cover cake.

And finish these licensing exams. That’s priority uno.

1.  Finish exams (and pass them)
2.  Get PAtA released and celebrated
3.  Get MISS MAYHEM to betas
4.  Start production on RLB’s first ever illustrated storybook
5.  Get  MISS MAYHEM to editor
6.  Get MISS MAYHEM to publisher

That’s the priority list, not including all the little things required of everything else, and all secondary to Thor.

I have an ironic “kittens” 2 year planner, and I’ve just realized the man watching me write in it, does not think it is ironic.  I may have just found the proverbial garlic to the vampire!  Kitten Dayplanner=Crazy Woman 

Actually, Kitten Dayplanner=Frugal Woman who shops at the Dollar Tree.  My other choices were cheesy sunset photos, or muscle cars.  These aren’t even cute kittens.  They are100% Dollar Tree kittens. Just run of the mill, hey, we found this guy hanging around the dumpster behind the building juvenille cats.  I think all these “kittens” are at least 6 months old.  (I am cute baby animal ageist.)