Inside Lane

Hot Child in the Suburb

Through the magic of the internet, cell phones, and a bluetooth keyboard, I come to you from the playground, where my son’s class is having their year end party.  Getting to watch him respond to peer pressure is a rare treat, as it is working in my favor right now.  In another eight years?  I hope it’s still in my favor.

It is hot as an oven out here, and humid too.

When we got in the car today, I handed over my cell phone,queued up to a news story about a man who has attempted two kidnappings in a nearby city.   He is telling children that their mother is hurt, and he needs to take them to her.  Doesn’t seem to be gender picky–he just wants a kid.

I wanted Thor to read the story, rather than just relating it to him a) because I think when we read something, we retain it longer, b) the story gave a description of the man, c) it would hold more weight than just having Mom say so, and d) I want him to get used to reading the news.  He took it with a solemn understanding, and we discussed it, and went over other things a stranger might say to entice a child into a car, or down an alley, or into a house. 

It really horrifies me to think about a child falling prey to that trick.  Worried his mom is hurt, only to find that it’s not his mom he needed to worry about. And then, his mom…  I would lose my mind.  It wouldn’t be worth keeping.

I say that.  I would keep my mind and I would use it to become a vigilante.

Lots of little people running around me out here. I’m trying not to think about statistical probabilities, and which pair of neon sneakers, and which hair bow represents what. 

I think I read too much news.

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