Inside Lane

Flying Monkeys

I took that Zimbio quiz to see which character I was from the Wizard of Oz. I got Flying Monkey. I am both proud of, and made worried by that.

Flying Monkeys are scarce, however. So, that’s fitting as I have been quite scarce. Work and wooliness have kept me from you, with all kinds of finalizing of edits on PLAYING ALL THE ANGLES (coming soon!!!), and keeping the temperature just right in every other pie I’ve managed to get a finger into.

I’ll have news about a cover reveal for the new book soon, until then, you can like the Facebook page for my romantic efforts: Nicole Lane Romance

You know, I still can’t believe I’m an honest-to-goodness published author. I thought the new would wear off after the first book, or at least it would become a little less magical. Nope. I’m still pretty googly-eyed over the whole concept.

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