Somewhere in the last few years, I have started hating to sit for portraits. I used to love it. Now, while I don’t mind candids, or family photos, I really, really hate sitting for my own studio portrait. This is why I have put off having new headshots, and why I used selfies for my last book’s media kit. This is also how I ended up having my head framed by a toilet in my last book’s media kit, when I accidentally fired off the unedited version of the photo in question.

So… New pictures.

I look terribly disdainful in every shot. “Read my book? Ha! As if you even could.” I was trying for friendly, while also trying to hide my teeth and remember not to smile so that my eyes squinch up into oblivion. Guess what? Bugging out one eye and stretching your lips over your teeth does not read as “friendly” to the camera.

Hiding my teeth smile.
Hiding my teeth smile.

That is the friendliest of the bunch. Bless my heart.


(I prefer my selfies.)