Inside Lane

Long Black Cadillac


This time tomorrow, I fully expect to be sitting on the tarmac waiting for takeoff, while being shown how to use coin-operated oxygen masks. Never again will I book flights on [airline name redacted–FOR NOW.] Those fools will nickel and dime you to death!

Thor is very excited at the prospect of riding in a limousine. B and I have driven in Strip traffic before, and it seemed like less stress, less hassle, and less trying to cram wedding dress, four adults, and one child into a rented Kia Rio, so we popped for the extra $45 limo ride to and from the chapel.

When I said something about it to my mother, Thor overheard and his eyes went big as saucers. “A whole limousine? We’re going to rent a whole limousine? I did not even KNOW you COULD rent a WHOLE LIMOUSINE!” Since then it’s been, “Do limos have televisions?” “Do limos have snacks?” “Do limos have satellites?”

Last night, he drew us his idea of what it would be like to take such a posh ride. Please note the confetti cannon being shot off by a passenger. That’s our family waving from the sunroof, and a giant satellite dish for his TV reception. I was more impressed by his Vegas sign. I didn’t know he was aware of that landmark.

He asked me when we would see it, and if we could take photos of him near it. But of course, little man.

So Viva Las Vegas, everyone. Here’s hoping our luggage arrives with us.

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